Friday, June 1, 2018

Taunting the Biker

Taunting the Biker - I do not have a publishing date as of yet (sorry). Pre-orders will be arriving soon... after I complete Forget Me Not (a thriller written under Kristen Middleton).

Twenty-three year old Charlie (Charlotte) has a love-hate relationship with her father Tony Armati, a rich and powerful man connected to the mafioso. Loving, but manipulative, Tony tries to control every aspect of her life, including the guys she dates. This irritates the hell out of Charlie, who decides to strike back by going out with a man her father would never approve of… and equally dangerous.

Maddox Jones (Mad Dog to his friends) is the nephew of Bastard, the founding president of the Gold Vipers MC and newest edition to the Jensen, Iowa Chapter. A fearless hell-raiser, Mad Dog takes what he wants and right now it’s Charlie Armati, who walks into his life with a baseball bat and some deeply rooted daddy issues. When he learns that she’s using him to piss off her old man, Mad Dog tries cutting his losses but finds it’s not so easy, especially with a beautiful, woman like Charlie, who can be just as manipulative as her father.